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A Twisted Serial Killer On The Lose And A Mysterious Man On The Trail Of His Twin Brothers Murder!

The Gemini Factor, a grisly thriller by the pen of author, Paul Kane.

I’m excited to say that the audiobook version of this harrowing tale is currently underway. Make sure you keep tuned to find out more details.

Tell your friends and family there’s a sadistic killer on the prowl with a twisted modus operandi. Always seemingly one step ahead of the Police. One man, the surviving twin brother of a brutal killing, has a psychic link to the murderer. Wracked by premonitions, he watches as the killer pounces on his next victim. Sees their gruesome demise through the eyes of the monster. Feels their terror as the life oozes away underneath the hands of the psychopath. A macabre trophy is always taken by the killer as a memento.

Keep watching for more details. You can’t afford to miss this one….!

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