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Panopto E-Learning Video

Harry’s professionalism has really made the difference between our original explainer videos and the new ones he recorded for us. We supplied Harry with our script and he worked with our team to produce the best version possible. Harry is going to be a busy man in the future, because word is getting around the campus and all the departments are commenting about how much better our Panopto is.

Shoot Cut Grade

Such a pleasure to work with Harry, was always fast with replies and answers, and the quality of the final audio was perfect!


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Join In Our Success

I had the pleasure of working with Harry Singers just recently. He voiced my first book, an anthology of short stories and poetry, and I am so pleased with the effort he put into the production.

A true professional, he assisted me with some of the finer details of creating an audiobook. His delivery of each story was fantastic. His voice, intonation and tempo were each different based on the storyline or poem bringing it to life.

Harry is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend his skills for your own project.

J. F. Nodar